Passion Meets Purpose

Your story has the power to change lives.

  • Time

    The stats say that 80% of people who want to write a book never do. They save it for "someday", waiting for the right moment to pursue the dream of authorship-- except someday never comes and their story doesn't get told. With Walk in AUTHORity, you get to make someday today.

  • Energy

    The majority of authors spend a lot of time lost and frustrated as they struggle their first book without guidance. That's unnecessary time wasted and energy spent. With Walk in AUTHORity, you'll have a full tank of gas (guidance, accountability, and support) to get you towards authorship.

  • Money

    Unlike time and energy, money is renewable. You can get that back. But you don't want to waste your money on courses and coaches that don't work. Walk in AUTHORity is a proven program that works if you do. It will help your book get from your mind to the market the right way.

Course curriculum

Pricing options

Right now, before the Walk in Authority author intensive begins, get a $5 sneak peek into the course from 09/17-09/23/2018. Or, if you KNOW you're ready to invest in yourself and become an author, choose a payment option below to jump right in. Program starts 09/24/2018.